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Main Characters



A man of many hats (literally), Mitch is a 15-year-old boy who lived a relatively normal life until he inherited his grandfather's magical ancestral sword and...well, things snowballed from there. Now he's a professional adventurer muddling his way through a world where no one quite has any idea what they're doing, including his own party members for the most part. Oblivious but endearing, Mitch has the ability to either make friends with anyone or annoy them incessantly. Sometimes both.



Her life, her history, even her race remain a mystery under her own design. Secretive and elusive, Danica was unwillingly drafted into Mitch's party through circumstances beyond her control, and now she's stuck gallivanting around with a bunch of idiots. In spite of this, she may harbor a softer side for Mitch than she lets on. She's clever, grouchy, introverted, and oh so snarky.

Vaisakh Brightstone


A gallant and devoted paladin of the Order of Ordanov, Vaisakh travelled the land searching for evil to smite and innocents to protect until she ran into Mitch. Through a series of unintentional events, she took him to be a mighty warrior of the light and pledged herself to his service indefinitely. She's impulsive, overreacts, has violent tendencies, and often jumps to her own exaggerated conclusions, but her heart's in the right place. Oh, and she can whack things really hard with a sword. That's always a plus.

Master Hybbyt


You know how, when you get a high enough score in older video games, it loops back to 0? Well, that's kind of what happened here. This gnome mage grew to be so old and so wise that he cracked and became senile. Now he probably couldn't even remember his name on a good day, much less do anything sagely or helpful, and is prone to random napping. Unfortunately, he still has more magic power in his pinky toe than most people have in their entire bodies, which makes him more of a liability than anything else. Also unfortunately, he seems to have mistaken the utterly magic-less Mitch for his apprentice.

Dustan Cartier


Don't let his pretty elvish face fool you--Dustan is a conniving cheat, a pathological liar, and a narcissistic coward...who also happens to be a registered cleric. He's the reason why Mitch's party learns the hard way to never look for party members over the Internet, as so far he's been utterly unhelpful in every way possible. Rumor has it that he uses his magic to make himself look more dashing. Oh, and it's pronounced "doo-STAHN", not "DUHS-tin". Get it right.