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The kernel of idea that was Adventures of Mitch was born in the summer of 2006 (I think), when I (SurferSquid) was staying over at Faerentyyne's for a few days while my parents were out of town. I remember the fateful moment (sort-of) vividly.

We were sitting in her room--I can't really remember what I was doing, possibly doodling in my sketchbook, but she was playing the GBA game Sword of Mana, and complaining about the banal and convoluted storyline. Specifically, she reached a part of the plot involving an obligatory villain monologue, and one of us (can't remember who) was like "Man, there should be a story where the villain is monologuing and the hero just gets bored and stabs him."

Our next thought: "That would make a hilarious comic!"

From there, we began to flesh out the characters: said hero would be Mitch, a teenager with ADHD who didn't have the experience or patience to be a traditional fantasy protagonist; there would also be an overzealous paladin based heavily on my first D&D character; a mysterious and shifty girl who would lay down a heavy dose of snark and be eternally put-upon by the other incompetent party members; a gnome sage who, although wise, was so old that he was senile and thus utterly useless; and a self-absorbed con artist of a cleric.

For the next few days we continued to toss around ideas, fleshing out the story, coming up with concepts for the world, and just plain thinking up funny scenarios we could throw the characters into. Unfortunately (or, considering my art skills at the time, perhaps fortunately), my life was a little up in the air after that, I couldn't really latch onto a good comic-drawing style that wasn't ripping off Order of the Stick, and Mitch kinda got put on the back burner for a few years.

Finally, four years later in 2010, I decided we'd put it off for long enough.

My first few attempts at the comic were in Flash, which some people are really good at making comics in but I'm not. Thankfully, I realized this early on and bought Manga Studio, a purchase I will never regret as it makes the comic creating process so much more streamlined.

We hope to keep producing Mitch for a long time; we have a large backlog of ideas from years of talking about the comic but not drawing it, so I doubt we're going to run out of material any time soon especially at the pace at which we update.

Hope you enjoy!